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Let’s Play Minecraft with Geoff, Jack, Michael, Gavin and Ray (Episode 1)

I love them before they picked out skins or had a clue what they were doing.

Michael: Why am I getting my ass beat?

Michael: I’m dead!!

Geoff laughing maniacally

Geoff: I got the map!


Ray: Oh hey, I found the house!

Geoff: Oh you found our house?

Ray: I was building right next to the house

Gavin: You were building a replacement house next door to the original house! You guys what is wrong with you?


Ray: Ah! There may or may not be lava engulfing our house right now.

General freaking out

Ray: Gavin thought it would be funny…





Gavin: As soon as we started the game I was like, alright, I’m going to make a bucket, I’m going to find lava. That was all I had planned. And it was only when Ray started robbing my walls that I thought, yeah they deserve it.

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so basically someone made a redesigned version of Comic Sans and holy shit I never knew I could warm up to something that resembles Comic Sans like this

I’m not a typographer so my eyes aren’t trained for this but I think I might use this from now on

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I lost it at the end.

Okay, I had to check out the Van Eyck thing. I was a bit in denial because, come on, every single person can’t look like President Putin!

There are no words to describe how wrong I was.

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my eyes have been opened

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Robert Downey Jr. reached 1 million followers less than a day after joining Twitter — 23 hours and 25 minutes to be exact — after sending out his very first tweet and introducing himself to the social media platform.

His first tweet was published on April 11 at 2:30pm PST.  He has made five posts overall, two of which are replies.

This means Robert Downey Jr. technically now holds the fastest time to reach 1M followers, beating out Charlie Sheen (who holds/held the Guinness World Record at 25 hours + 17 minutes).

Robert Downey Jr. joins Twitter, breaks records.

the man, the legend.

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“With this kiss I pledge my love!” Joffrey declared in ringing tones. When Margaery echoed the words he pulled her close and kissed her long and deep. Rainbow lights danced once more about the High Septon’s crown as he solemnly declared Joffrey of the Houses Baratheon and Lannister and Margaery of House Tyrell to be one flesh, one heart, one soul. 

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Damien Hirst - The Anatomy of an Angel, 2008


Damien Hirst - The Anatomy of an Angel, 2008

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VS Episode 57 - Michael vs. Lindsay (x)


VS Episode 57 - Michael vs. Lindsay (x)

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This is one of my favorite little comics on here.

Wow, this is exactly how I feel about life.

yes this describes so much

I’ve never seen something that sums it up so well

this suits me so perfectly.

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inspired by (x)

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I Want My Nerd HQ

Zachary Levi and the Nerd Machine family need your help to fund Nerd HQ 2014! Nerd HQ is a free experience for fans during the weekend of SDCC to test out the newest video games, gadgets, and tech, as well as give fans the opportunity to attend celebrity conversation panels (which Zac livestreams), photo-ops and signing-ops. In addition, funds raised during this event are contributed to the charity, Operation Smile.

Typically, they fund the event solely through Sponsorships, but last year it didn’t work out and essentially almost ended Nerd HQ. If you can spare $5 to this campaign that would be amazing, but if not, then don’t worry at all. You can show your support by spreading the word for this wonderful cause :D


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